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What is a Common Treatment For Hives?

 What is a Common Treatment For Hives?

Your doctor probably doesn’t have any better answer to what is a good treatment for hives than your grandmother did. Although your doctor may know what hives is and what causes it, they don’t have a clue as to how to treat it, other than by handing you a prescription.

The most common treatment for hives given by a doctor is a combination of an oral antihistamine and an anti-itch lotion or cream. Antihistamines will make you tired, but they will also help to relieve at least a bit of the itchiness. The cream will also help to soothe the skin. but, these are both very short term approaches to what is potentially a long term problem.

Another common treatment for hives, one that is used by the millions of people who get it all the time is a good old, cold shower. When your skin is burning and itching and swollen and sore, nothing feels better than getting in a cold shower. again, though, this is a short-term answer and does not cure the underlying problem at all.

If you do not react well to the antihistamine approach to treatment, then you may be given steroids to treat the problem. of course, steroids are strong drugs and they are not meant for long-term use, so if you have chronic hives, steroids may not be the answer for you at all. In fact, they may make the problem even worse for you.

There are numerous natural ingredients that can help you with your hives symptoms, some of which are found in homeopathic remedies that you can find in your local health food store or online. These remedies are based on natural science and are generally very safe in that they do not interact with any other medications that you might be taking.

What is a Common Treatment For Hives?

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