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What is a quick and effective way to treat hives?

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Please help, this morning when i woke up hives covered my body and it itches like h e l l! they are everywere, my face, arms, legs, chest..i mean everywere!

Benedryl pills might help. Benedryl cream or hydrocortisone cream might help. You should really try and figure out what you are allergic to. Have you changed laundry soaps, bath soaps, body lotions or dryer sheets? Have you taken new medication lately? If it is new medication, call the doctor immediately. If you've changed soaps, just switch back to your old ones. good luck.

Benedryl will help with the itching, but I would check with a doctor to find out what caused the hives. sometimes hives can be caused by an allergic reaction and your throat can start to swell shut. Also you want to be sure that you don't have shingles, which can be extremely painful.

Quick fix… 2 or 3 antihistamines like Benadryl brand, a bath in cool water with baking soda ( for the itch) and some allergy or hydrocortasone cream. the cause may be a food allergy as I have to certain sea foods, MSG and iodine. this has put me in the ER already. see a doctor!

I always took a cold bath. the cold took the itch away and usually shut down my bodies over-reaction to whatever caused them.

Antihystamines, get them from the chemists and take 2 to start with.

Apple cider vinegar is good thing to gently put on the skin with cotton ball.

What is a quick and effective way to treat hives?

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