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What is Chronic Hives (Urticaria)?

 What is Chronic Hives (Urticaria)?

Chronic hives or urticaria, are the toughest hives to diagnose. Like all hives, persistent hives are batches of raised red and white itching sores. these sores can be varied sizes and they even group together in a some cases. When they group together, they form areas that are called plaques.

Most of the people experience acute or physical urticaria (hives), which are less difficult to diagnose and easier to treat. however many are less fortunate these are the people who unfortunately suffer with the chronic version of the skin condition.

Chronic hives, or urticaria, is normally categorized as being hives that last for longer than 6 weeks, this does not necessarily mean the condition is constantly apparent although this can happen. in most chronic cases of hives the suffer will experience repeated attacks of the skin condition which might last weeks or even years.

This is a persistent issue that many people have to deal with. Testing for someone with chronic hives can be a laborious process often without the desired results. a chronic sufferer might need to subject themselves to several tests which might include basic allergy testing such as scratch tests right through to blood screening and stool samples which might help identify parasites.

In rare cases, the chronic condition can be linked to more serious underlying issues such as lupus, thyroid illness or some other type of autoimmune disorder. these latter problems are why it’s so vital to work out what’s causing an individual’s persistent hives. as with idiopathic angioedema, someone who is experiencing reoccurring hives should see a professional if only to discount more serious underlying issues.

One good way to try and detect the offending allergen is through an elimination. an elimination diet will often be a great help finding any food or food additive which might be to blame.

Airborne allergen particles are often the reason behind an allergic conditions. a skin test will often show what allergen particles someone has come into contact with lately.

What is Chronic Hives (Urticaria)?

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