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What is the Best Cure For Hives?

 What is the Best Cure For Hives?

When the itchy red sores begin to appear hive sufferers know what is ahead especially if they suffer chronically with the skin condition. the itching and burning sensation is enough to drive any one nuts.

Since doctors can’t be sure what causes most instances of hives the best they can offer is treatment to address the symptoms of the condition. If your unlucky enough to be afflicted with acute or chronic hives you might find a mix of prescribed or over the counter medicine and home-made remedies may cut short your suffering.

The best remedy for acute hives is often some form of antihistamine. There are many over the counter products available which can offer relief. they work by reversing your body’s reaction to whatever allergen has caused your attack. it would be great if it was easy to work out if it was something you ate or some substance that you came in contact with but unfortunately this is seldom the case. the reality is you’ll possibly never know for certain what the offending allergen is.

In numerous cases, doctors believe chronic hives or urticaria (medical name) to be an autoimmune condition that can’t be diagnosed (idiopathic). This is the reason why most doctors won’t even try to work out the cause and just treat the reaction. As well as the medicines available there are a number of creams that can offer some relief from the itching and burning.

Hydro cortisone is the important ingredient in a lot of them and will scale back the swelling related to the hive. Calamine lotion works for some or Milk of Magnesia rubbed on the affected spot will also help some hive sufferers. even stranger is cream of tarter mixed into a paste with water and applied to the area to stop the itching and reduce the inflammation. for some people the most straightforward relief from hives might be just a cold compresses placed on the spot, you could use cold wet towels, an ice pack or even just a bag of frozen pees from the freezer wrapped in a towel.

The compress or a chunk of ice on the spot will keep the hive from swelling and should calm it down. Some folks find a cool shower or cool bath helps. Some chronic hive patients say they’ve found that a pitcher of herbal tea will make them feel better. Chamomile acts as sedative and can relieve the symptoms and could also help with the strain that may infrequently trigger an attack.

Many of these methods of relieving hives will work for some but not for others, so you’ll have to experiment and find the best one or blend of cures that may work for your hives.

What is the Best Cure For Hives?

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