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What is the best OTC non-drowsy allergy medicine ?

 What is the best OTC non drowsy allergy medicine ?

OTC ONLY, PLEASE ! claritin & alavert doesn`t work @ all. allegra only works well for my hives. chlor-trimeton & benedryl makes me EXTREMELY drowsy esp. since i start work @ 6am. something that works well with irritants, please.

sudifed or actifed might work

I am benefiting from DayQuil Sinus at the moment. It is not making me drowsy, which most do, and my sinus headache is gone. however, I've still got a bit of a runny nose.

Get the generic brand Claritin (chemical name is Loratadine). I use to take Claritin years ago and the generic stuff works just as well.


I use this all the time it takes about an hour to work and last 24 hrs.
you don't have to take them all the time only when you get an attack…runny nose eye ect.

the company phone no.
1-800-265-7927 aventis pharma inc

Aerius works well for me. It is definitely better than Claritin.

What is the best OTC non-drowsy allergy medicine ?

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