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What is this really itchy rash on my hands?

1303684586 63 What is this really itchy rash on my hands?

It’s only on the palm and back of my right hand and on the back of my left hand. the bumps are tiny and look similar to zits, small and white, but are extremely itchy. They run along the side of my right hand closest to my little finger.On the palm of my right hand they’re under the skin and look bigger than those on my left hand, which are above the skin.They also appear to have a clear puss-like liquid in them.

Someone please help.

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Diaper rash is a common problem among babies. It is characterized by red and irritated-looking skin in your baby’s diaper area. the irritated skin may also be a bit puffy and warm when touched. Causes of Diaper RashDiaper rash may be caused by anything from your baby’s own urine to laundry detergents you use to wash your baby’s

What is this really itchy rash on my hands?

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