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What the Hack is going on here?!?

1307638941 44 What the Hack is going on here?!?

It's doing all kinds of things, even when I'm on it. It opens up irrelevant websites between me going to a new website, pop-ups, and other things, including when I went to look at children's clothes the picture on the pc was an ad for something else that the company does not sell, even a weather and broadcasting station had pornographic material in the advertising section and I know those websites are supposed to be more reliable than that, so it's got to be this computer and all the other pop-ups going on, right? even the computer itself was making all kinds of strange noises like bee hives, but now it does not since the programs have been installed.
Programs have been bought and used on it and it still does things. Is someone controlling it? why won't this stuff go away?
How do I make it go away besides trashing the pc and getting a new one? Do we just need to keep reinstalling new programs or buy more new ones? Can a computer techie "Cure" the old pc or prevent it on a new pc?

go to www.snapfiles.com go to freeware and then anitvursus or adware removal there are great free tools that will clean that up for you fast.

you have a big *** virus.
if you backup regularly it shouldnt be a problem.
just wipe the hard drive and re load all the stuff you had in the last backup….this ahould work.

if it doesnt just contact one of the better tech support lines that were written on the side of the box.

I hope ur pc got desktop scam trojen. Get a trojen remover and clear. Also use a anti spyeware.

Your computer is possibly infected by a number of malevolent unwanted viruses, ad-ware, spy-ware or a possible Trojan. If you have a computer that is not protected by an Internet security suite then it is possible the PC got infected. What you need to do is possibly disconnect from the Internet immediately go to a store and buy an Anti Virus, Spy-ware and Firewall programs. run the Anti Virus and Spy-ware Programs to clean your computer the reason I said to disconnect from the Internet is cause since your computer might still be vulnerable to receive more infections and possibly leaving a chance for a hacker to hack your system and if you use your PC for shopping hackers can find your personal information. good Luck this happens all the time one of my computers got infected cause that computer didn't have the new Internet Security Suite I always use and I'm still struggling to disinfect it my PC has a real nasty virus. I mean it when I say good Luck I hope it ain't too late.

Scan your PC with both of these. They are both free and do a deeper scan than most.

Go to the left of the page where it says,"Scan your computer now online
and clean it for free!"

Your PC will thank you!

What the Hack is going on here?!?

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