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Why do Hives Need to be Removed along with Bees?

What are Bee Hives?

Bee hives are build after honey bees swarm.  after the scouts find an appropriate place to build a hive, the bees begin collecting honey.  it takes about eight pounds of honey for a bee to make one pound of wax.  Bee hives are build to house the queen bee and honey for the hive.  Hives are generally built in a place where the bees are safe, and can have a safe access point.  Inside a bee hive, bees make honey into wax, and build their honeycomb.  Inside the comb they hold their honey.  when the cell is full of honey, the bees cap it with wax and cool it until it solidifies.

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Why Bee Hives Must be Removed

Many pest control companies simply spray and kill the bees, without taking care of the comb.  If the bee comb is left inside or on a structure, there are several severe consequences.  One thing that happens is the comb melts, and the honey begins dripping.  the dripping honey can eventually cause structural damage.  One of the most common problems of leftover comb is the presence of rodents.  Animals and other insects smell the honey and will come to it for a source of food.  Finally, if the comb is leftover, a group of swarming bees may smell it and choose to nest there.

If a hive is removed by live bee removal specialists such as those at Queen Bee Removal Los Angeles the comb is completely removed.  Live bee removal truly is the best long term solution, and that is just one of the reasons we offer a warranty where many other companies do not.

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Why do Hives Need to be Removed along with Bees?

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