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Why does my dog have a rash and/or hives?

1311019357 89 Why does my dog have a rash and/or hives?

Last night, my dog played with one of his friends for several hours. I noticed that the skin underneath his fur had become red and flushed, but assumed that this was from excitement while playing. Twenty-four hours later, he now has some reddish spots visible under his fur. in the armpit and foreleg area, he has reddish bumps that look like hives. Could he have an allergic reaction to the other dog's saliva or could all of the activity caused him to break into hives? Could it be something else completely? please help!

Most likely an allergic reaction. take it to a vet. they can help you determine the allergy, what to do about it, and get you a dose of Benadryl that is suitable for your dog (or someother treatment)

i think it is becaus when they laydown it happends but if u mean its on his back maybe it could be in truble

could be anything, could be poison ivy or something like that…hard to say.

My dog has something like that and eventually lost patches of fur. the vet diagnosed it as summer hives…where the dog's skin becomes infected due to the heat.

Write down everything, events, places,
feedings, anything new.
floor cleaning products,
walk into anything, unknown puddles,
dig in bushes,
food, dogs are alergic to chocolate,
onions, avacodeos.
Go to a pet store and buy a shampoo
for sensitive skin, if it hasn't cleard in a
wk see a vet

could have allergies, a lot of dogs have them and break out in rashes. could have gotten bitten or stung as well outside.
if he doesnt get better take him to the vet, the vet can tell you for sure and maybe put him on some cream or pills or find out what he may be allergic too. if he's played with this dog before and this never happened, it's not fromthat dog.

sounds like mange to me thats the way my puppy started out at. and now shes going through treatment. its not all that expensive like everyone says it is shes on meds now .. hope u get your pup well soon

It is most likely not from the other dog's saliva, but from something else. have you recently switched his dog food? If so, you need to find a new food because he is allergic to an ingredient in the food (most likely the grain). you should take him to the vet in the morning if the rash is still there because he is having an allergic reaction to something.

Could be all sorts of things causing the rash / bumps. If you can't narrow it down, and eliminate the problem.. you should see the vet.

It sounds more like a disease like mange, but less sivere. it could be some other irritation of the skin, but i doubt allergies. Try a special soothing oatmeal dog shampoo you can buy at pet stores, if this fails, ask a vet!

Why does my dog have a rash and/or hives?

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