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Why Stress Affects Your Skin?

1325244686 95 Why Stress Affects Your Skin?Acne, eczema, psoriasis, itchy skin, hair loss, excessive sweating, rosacea, dandruff, herpes oral (mouth sores, cold sors) and urticaria (hives in English). Besides stress contributes to the skin to lose its brightness and looks lifeless.

Stress also causes other skin conditions affecting the lack of sleep, over-eating, smoking, drinking and others.

Why stress affects your skin?Stress causes hormonal imbalances. When something causes the body reacts by producing stress hormones with different objectives, these hormones: cortisol and adrenaline. the excess of these hormones produces imbalance in estrogen and testosterone in the body and these hormones affect the skin directly.

What to do?Initially, the eruptions have to control with topical medications or cosmetic creams. but we must eliminate the cause or causes of the problem: stress.

Stress can not be eliminated but can be controlled. some stress is normal and how harmful it is passed positive life stress.

Managing stressExercise. kill two birds with one stone, you control weight and stress. There are many studies showing that exercise helps manage stress. especially recommended for stress management are exercises like yoga and martial arts.

Alternative techniquesMassage, aromatherapy baths, acupuncture, herbal tea, meditation and the like. All contribute to reduce stress.

AttitudeStress is under your control, stay calm. what is not under your control are the circumstances but the way in which your reaction is totally your decision.

Why Stress Affects Your Skin?

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