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Woman allergic to water unable to cry or swim

 Woman allergic to water unable to cry or swim

British woman Katie Dell suffers from a rare disease called aqua genic urticarial. she is allergic to water and cannot swim or cry.

26-year-old Dell is too scared to venture out in case it rains and if she gets drenched it causes her painful rash.

She left her job as a dance trainer because sweat causes her rashes. she cannot take bath for long and needs to rush through it as her skin reacts. her husband helps her doing the dishes and lining wet clothes.

She mourns that she has no social life whatsoever. she needs to cancel her appointments many times due to rainy weather, reports the Daily Mail.

It started with an itchy neck. Now she has hives, a rash and painful, itching skin which can reduce her to tears, but cannot cry – tears leave her with a red itchy face.

She is depressed due to her condition which will continue to get progressively worse.

She started experiencing symptoms after having a tonsillectomy when she was 16, but she was only diagnosed with the water allergy – which has no cure – two years ago.

After the operation she was administered penicillin which she was allergic to. Doctors think this may have altered the histamine levels in her body.

It took long for people to believe the pain she was in and till than she was fighting it alone.

Her husband Andy has been her support and helping her in her household chores from taking care of dishes, clothes to grocery shopping when it rains.

Woman allergic to water unable to cry or swim

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